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Bowl of oranges

the great

all rounder

Aussie Oranges are available all year round. Typically only a few dollars a kilogram, Aussie Oranges are affordable, delicious and simple to prepare. 

two delicious varieties

Aussie Navel

Aussie Navel’s are in season from May to November. Easy to peel, they have pebbly skins and sweet juicy flesh.

Aussie Navel’s are ideal as a snack any time of the day.


Aussie Valencia

Aussie Valencia’s are in peak season from September to April. They have a thin rind with juicy flesh. The juice of Valencia oranges has a lovely balance of sweet and tart flavours, making them perfect for juicing.

Bag of oranges

select and store

Select Choose oranges that are bright, vibrant and uniform in colour and a firm, smooth skin. Oranges with green patches may not be fully ripe. Choose oranges that feel heavy for their size as this indicates juiciness.

Store Keep your oranges in a cool, well-ventilated place out of sunlight. Room temperature is fine for a few days, but to keep them fresher for longer, store them in the fridge where they can stay fresh for up to two weeks.


Oranges can be enjoyed whole as wedges or segments, cut up in salads and blended in soups, zested in marinades and dressings or served with savoury meats as a sauce or as baked or barbequed wedges.
How to peel an orange

delicious ways to enjoy oranges

Oranges can be enjoyed whole as wedges or segments, cut up in salads or zested in marinades and dressings. 

They can be served with savoury meats, baked in the pan, blended as a sauce and as barbequed wedges. 

A citrusy sweet addition to any dessert, oranges can be baked in cakes, and used in tarts and sorbets. 

There are just so many delicious ways to enjoy oranges!

Peeled fresh or frozen as an easy, immune boosting low energy snack.

Enjoy 100% juice or oranges freshly squeezed at home. Try turning fresh juice into ice blocks.

Baked, grilled, or barbecued to bring out the sweetness – these can be used in sweet and savoury dishes.

Great for breakfast with cereals, porridge or added to water, tea or other drinks.

Try oranges in salads and soups. They are delicious with carrot, ginger, cauliflower, halloumi, green leaves, almonds, goats cheese and honey.

Zest up your favourite marinades or dressings – try orange vinaigrette on a salad or orange with thyme as a marinade.