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Australia’s abundant sunshine and diverse climate provide perfect conditions for growing delicious, juicy Aussie oranges.

where are Australia's oranges grown?

Aussie Oranges Region Growing map
How to peel an orange

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The beautiful NSW Riverina is the largest growing region for Aussie Oranges.  Oranges are also grown in central  and northeast NSW.

The second-largest citrus-growing region in Australia is the Murray Valley, with orchards throughout Mildura and Dareton.

Oranges are also grown in other parts Australia, with smaller growing regions in Queensland and Western Australia.

history of oranges

Choose brightly coloured fruit that is firm and heavy for its size.

Avoid fruit with soft patches, bruises or mould, a few spots or blemishes are okay as the fruit inside won’t be affected.

Oranges will keep in a bowl at room temperature for about a week or even longer in the fridge.

If storing them at room temperature, keep them out of direct sunlight.

How to peel an orange